January 31, 2018

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In this day and age it’s almost impossible to live in a “perfect society free from grief and stress”. Even more disturbing is that our society at large truly struggles with keeping the peace with one another. Lucky for us, beyond our police officers and justices of the court doing their best to stop us from killing each other until nobody is left; we have the option to hire an Attorney At Law to help us make sense of life when things are definitely not going our way.

The only problem that exists with the law, a wise Attorney At Law once shared with me is that, “nobody wins in a lawsuit except the lawyer”! Now this particular attorney was in a law firm that specializes in family matters. As a family law attorney for the past 26 years, you can imagine just how many times he has personally seen many issues and dysfunctions that surround the family that are not too pretty. For example: crime, incest, rape, substance abuse, molestation, domestic violence, physical, emotional and sexual trauma and lastly, divorce.

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He has had to keep his own biases aside while representing his clients and wearing many different lawyers hats as a family attorney at law. He has gone before the judge as a criminal lawyer, divorce lawyer, divorce attorney, and even though he does not have the best skills in law cases relating to drunk driving, he has been known to practice as a DUI attorney at law.

With all these different roles he has played, think of all of the trials and tribulations he has witnessed first hand. He says that he has developed a very thick skin and wishes he did not have to choose sides so often. In the end he realizes he must always do his best to help his client even if they are guilty. I for one do not envy his job as a divorce attorney even if he is right with his before mentioned statement that only the lawyer will win if you go to litigation.

There really is a lot of truth to this in that when two parties divorce with or without children, hearts will be hurt and finances severed. There actually is no true victor when you go to court over certain matters like these. If you ask a lawyer from any other law firm I am sure that they will agree. Whether or not that Attorney At Law is a bankruptcy lawyer, car accident lawyer, immigration lawyer, personal injury lawyer or a criminal lawyer, they will all share the same common answer which is that really nobody wins when you have a loser.

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However, do not think that the absence of true justice and that those that are avoiding accountability need to be brought to justice is supported here. All I am merely sharing is that really the best resolve if at all possible is to see if you can mediate on your own volition before going before a judge and having the final say handed down to you where there is no more freedom allowed in the current situation that you are in.

Sometimes you must have an attorney at law to sort things out fairly though. It’s hard to think that within the protected walls of Utah, there are so many different lawyers in Utah to choose from. Even worse, that there is a need for so manyAttorney At Law Lawyers in the first place! I am sure we would all like to turn our heads and look the other way or be blind-folded like lady justice, but that is too convenient to simply say, “it did not happen because I did not see it.”

Whether or not we like it, there is an epidemic of divorce and crime ever increasing at a fast rate, right here in the great state of Utah. If you feel you are in need of any number of different attorney at-law lawyers such as but not limited to: a divorce lawyer, DUI lawyer, injury lawyer, bankruptcy attorney, an immigration lawyer or a car accident lawyer, do not fear as Utah Law Aid is here to fight for you!

Hopefully you are never forced with this dilemma, but if you are, here is the golden rule to ensure you find the right divorce attorney or whatever other type you are in need of (bankruptcy attorney or personal injury lawyer, etc.) as soon as possible.

The first step to finding a good Utah divorce lawyer is to understand that you are actually the one in charge of the situation. You are the one that is interviewing him or her for the job. Do not feel pressured by their fancy clothes, or large confusing words. They eat, sleep and shit just like the rest of us behind closed doors. They do not want to loose you as a customer just as much as you want the best divorce attorney money can afford. What would have been really funny here is if I mentioned you were looking for the best Salt Lake bankruptcy attorney that money can buy, but that is another story.

Money is not everything right? Again it does not matter if they are a injury lawyer, bankruptcy lawyer or personal injury lawyer as this simple step will help you find the right fit for you so long as you are willing to ask an Attorney At Law these few interview questions.

1, what is your success rate?

2, how do you approach your cases?

3 (and most importantly), how do you break down your charges? This one is crucial as you do not want to get stuck with a huge bill and not know it is coming your way. Furthermore, do you really want to try to argue with Utah attorneys about your contract? That could get really ugly...really fast! We hope you find the perfect lawyer in Utah that meets your specific and individual needs so justice can be met in a timely manner.

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Regrettably for all of us, the blind fold on Lady Justice is keeping her from seeing all the inequality surrounding us everywhere we look. Just because a person or business or even a government entity comes from a place of authority or position of power, that does not mean we must submit to their dictatorship; especially if it is illegal or flat out wrong and unethical. This is the primary reason we have the judiciary system established to help keep us as a civilized society and nation overall.

We must be willing to stand up for ourselves and fight for our basic God given rights. Sometimes in this quest for true justice, we can feel intimidated or abused and that is exactly why the United States has attorney at law lawyers to provide a equilibrium of sorts to put a balance in the force.

You are not a bad person for pursuing justice. Granted there are those out there that are just plain “sue crazy” and looking for an easy buck. This part of the justice system is corrupt and is a shame it is allowed. In most instances, I think the judge is going to be fair and rule for what truly is in the best interest of everyone involved.

This brings up another ethical dilemma and question of sorts though? How do we know if the judge absolutely knows what the best decision is? This goes back to the Lady Justice analogy of her being blindfolded and not able to see what is really going on. It is up to both sides of the argument (plaintiff and defendant) to prove their case or innocence or even guiltiness. Facts and reason is all that is allowed or should be submitted before the court. That is another reason why it is really hard to plead a case beyond a shadow of a doubt using strictly evidence.

Can you imagine trying to defend yourself regardless if you are guilty or not completely on your own? That is a very daunting feat in and of itself. You are like a lamb going to its slaughter if you think you can easily represent yourself. One of the best investments you could ever have while walking on God’s green earth is to have the best legal team that money can buy on a retainer. Freedom is one of the most important commodities we could have that constantly is taken for granted. Having an Attorney At Law in your back pocket can truly save you from some very sketchy situations in life.

Do not put this to the test and think it is a waste of time or money. It has been researched before that every American adult will have at least one encounter with the legal system during their lifetime. All it takes is one time to be falsely accused or one malpractice lawsuit, and you could be ruined! You ever heard the phrase, “you get what you pay for”? Trust me when I say that it is money well spent to have an experienced attorney working excruciatingly hard for you and your freedom.

When it comes to finding the best attorney at law there are many different genres to choose from. For instance there is a bankruptcy attorney, an injury lawyer or more professionally known as a personal injury lawyer, a criminal lawyer, a divorce attorney, a DUI lawyer, a family law attorney, an immigration lawyer, etc. As you can see there are many different disciplines within the realm of law.

Finding a great law firm or sifting through the many lawyers in Utah can seem overwhelming and even downright scary if you are left to do this on your own without any guidance. Out of all the different lawyers you could choose from, keep in mind it is not a good idea to snag the first one you see just because you think one attorney is the same as any other. This is actually quite the contrary. You must sit down and ask about their strengths as well as their weaknesses. You need to find out which area of law they specialize in so you do not accidentally end up with a divorce lawyer when you really needed a bankruptcy attorney. Granted many attorneys at-law will take your money regardless of their formal area of specialty if you let them.

If you are wanting to find a good divorce lawyer do not make the mistake of hiring a family law attorney from a law firm that tries to specialize in every area of law possible. You would be much better off in obtaining a divorce attorney that only deals with marriage separation on a regular basis. Think about it…the specialized lawyer knows every code and statute like the back of their hand. They have personal and real relationships with the same judges on a regular basis. They eat, drink and sleep with divorce on a daily basis. Whereas the lawyers that specialize in a broader scope of practice have many cases that are not closely related. They have to stretch themselves thin to learn about all of the different laws and state/local codes. Ever heard of the term that you can be too successful? Well if you haven’t, just ask an attorney to share with you exactly how busy they are. Based on their answer, you will know if it is in your best interest to hire him/her.

Another mistake you could accidentally make is by hiring a bankruptcy lawyer, a criminal lawyer, an immigration lawyer, a DUI lawyer for a case involving a car crash because the driver that instigated the accident was from another country illegally and was drunk driving. Also if you need to file bankruptcy due to ongoing hospital costs, you still want to think of the whole picture. Granted, you could always hire a bankruptcy attorney to handle your personal finances in addition to your case with the car accident simultaneously.

To maximize your reimbursement for personal suffering and damages you will want to secure an injury lawyer, but not just anyone. In fact you will want to do your homework and make sure you find the best personal injury lawyer that Utah has to offer. You really only get one chance and by hiring only the best, you will make the most out of your efforts. Furthermore, in most cases you will not have to pay anything to your hired legal counsel because he/she will usually accept a percentage of the total amount awarded to you. This is really a win-win situation, because then you know that your representation is going to fight for you to the bitter end and will not settle for anything but the best!

Speaking of finances it is important to mention that when you are looking over the different attorney at-law résumés, to remember that not all of them are as expensive as they say they are. They make plenty of money and will most likely work with you on a sliding scale, payment plan or even pro bono basis if they feel you deserve true justice but do not have a penny to your name. In that case a bankruptcy lawyer might help you settle your debt to give you the breathing room you desperately need to feel free and alive again.

The last bit of advice to take into consideration is the actual geographical location of your case. If you are from southern Utah and find the best and cheapest Salt Lake City divorce lawyer money can afford. You might be thinking you found yourself a real bargain. NOPE...think again! A Salt Lake Divorce attorney will charge by the hour in most cases. This might mean many hours of commuting back and forth from Salt Lake City to Let’s say St. George, Utah. That can get really expensive. Even if your legal representation is not willing to drive but requires you to make the trip…this can become very time consuming and wasteful of your resources.

No matter what your personal legal needs are, Utah Law Aid is confident we can not only meet but exceed them!

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