February 27, 2018

Child Support

Child Support




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Utah child support laws and Utah child support guidelines can be very different depending on your circumstances and income. Child support laws in Utah have some basic requirements as to a minimum of mandatory support.

Not just any family law attorney in Salt Lake City, Utah will do! The child support Utah requirements depends upon whether the receiving parent is on state assistance or working and what your income may be.

The child support laws in Utah are income based. If the other parent is on Medicaid or cash assistance from the state, this means the Office of Recovery Services (ORS) will be involved and will use a child support calculator to determine the amount you will need to pay.

Child support is not generally listed under general divorce information online. Do you have questions on child custody in Utah and how that affects the child support calculator? You could call the Utah child support phone number and receive a general answer, or you could call us at the Utah Law Aid law firm.

There are too many variables we need to look at to make sure the amount you are paying is fair to all parties, especially if there is a joint custody order in place. You need a knowledgeable child custody lawyer. Not all child custody attorneys are the same!

There are a number of reasons child custody can be awarded or taken away in Utah. It is imperative you have the correct legal representation to protect your rights and the rights of your children. Child support also becomes much more complicated with a joint custody arrangement.

In those cases, several things can happen including, but not limited to: each parent pays the other for the 50% time they have the child or children, or one parent pays the other exclusively but then is allowed to take child income tax credit at the appropriate tax time. There is no set, definitive rule of law that says the non-custodial parent will pay a set amount per child period.

If your yearly financial take is under the federal poverty guidelines, you should not be expected to pay a custodial parent who has a good income the same child support as if you had a good paying job! We will protect your rights! Child support and child custody are the most emotionally laden topics in a divorce.

These are the two biggest sticking points in a divorce mediation and the ones most spouses fight for and/or against. At Utah Law Aid we know this and can respond appropriately to opposing attorneys, mediators and Judges on your behalf.

It takes a certain finesse to cut through the emotional presentations of opposing attorneys to judges and mediators and our legal team is the most professional and calm attorneys you will meet. We don’t need to resort to theatrics or drama to get our point across.

We come prepared with decades of case law, precedents and a solid legal platform. We can coach you on how to present yourself to a judge and mediator so that while others may be turning on the acting, we will be quietly reminding the court of the law and your rights within the law.

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