January 30, 2018

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Sometimes people in life make serious mistakes and other times they make really big mistakes, and then of course there are those that are just plain evil! For the first two categories, it is a true shame and waste of life to think that the best and only solution for the mistake makers is to have them rot in a jail cell while doing time! This is completely counter productive and may push the individual into a depressive slump (low self-esteem) and forced to pursue more felony related crimes due to now having a criminal law record making it nearly impossible to find gainful employment.

For this reason alone, it is a good thing we have legal aid within the criminal justice arena. Sometimes it truly is in the best interest of our society at-large for even our really big mistake makers to actually not go to jail, but to have other options available to them. Unfortunately, the majority of society does not see it this way, and therein lies the need for our society to have criminal law or better put criminal defense set in place. Having a good defense attorney can make or break an individual’s life. Sometimes one stupid mistake can ruin somebody if they do not have the proper protection such as a Salt Lake City criminal law attorney.

Criminal Law Lawyer

Here is an awesome example a paralegal who works with the Salt Lake Legal Defenders Association (SLLDA) shared with me a while back. If this story does not persuade you to fully understand the need for hiring a criminal law defense attorney after making a mistake; I do not know what will?

A young adult at the age of 18 (who we shall call Ted) was heavily into drugs and alcohol and seemed to get picked up for various drug charges throughout his entire juvenile life. Ted eventually turned 18 years old but did not stop drinking and drugging. In fact, his addiction became even worse. That is usually how it goes with these type of things. Not to get too off topic here, but this is why it is extremely important to provide treatment and other resources to the mistake makers that only a defense attorney can help secure; instead of simply placing offenders in a prison cell and throwing away the key. Anyways, back to the story at-hand.

Prior to any charges as an adult, Ted and his parents did not make it a major priority to hire the best criminal law attorney. I assume mainly because they thought as a juvenile, his records would be sealed meaning not publicly available. At least that is what they overheard a criminal lawyer share over the phone when they first considered the idea of hiring a criminal defense lawyer in his behalf. However, as an adult now facing a very serious DUI charge, the need for an amazing criminal defense attorney was in overdrive.

Strangely enough, this desire was not the same priority for Ted as it was for his parents. Ted felt like, if you do the crime, you should be man enough to do the time. His father had enough insight to see past that social mainstream way of thinking. He felt that if Ted did not hire a criminal law attorney, that his life would be ruined. His son Ted, felt like his dad was being overdramatic and ridiculous.

This was most likely because of years of substance abuse and therefore developing a very low self-esteem and lack of understanding his worth. Well the father was stubborn and insisted that if Ted did not hire the best criminal law attorney, that his life would be ruined and that there would be no future for him. Ted’s father shared how DUI’s just do not go away unless you have superb legal representation. Ted was just as equally stubborn and said, “I really do not want to fight this and just want to get it over with”. The father replied, “I already have conducted an extensive search and was able to not only find the most affordable, but I also have placed the greatest criminal defense attorney on retainer primarily based on his reputation and history of winning cases”. The father continued to share how you can pay me back and thank me later.

Ted was skeptical but at this point who would deny such help? In all honesty how could you? So as the attorney went to work and did his magic; he was able to dig through the case and found some loopholes in how the arresting officer preformed his sobriety field check. After delaying some preliminary hearings and going through the evidence, or better put, the lack thereof, the case was completely dropped!

Some of you might feel that this is a horrible story and wondering how is this true justice if Ted was guilty of drunk driving and made the streets of Salt Lake City, Utah unsafe? The answer is simple. Even though Ted was no where near done from his drug and alcohol use; he learned how to be much more careful about driving while under the influence and eventually pulled his head out of his you know what! He turned his life around and went to college full-time. The story does not stop there though. Ted decided to pay it forward from what was given him. He knew he received the gift of freedom in that he still had an opportunity to pursue his dreams. You see, Ted did not only get a Bachelors degree, he continued on to a Maters degree where he was able to become a state licensed therapist and is now helping other addicts learn to live life on life’s terms!

The state of Utah is very strict in that they do not allow or better put license individuals with a criminal record to serve “their” public. They would have most likely denied his application to be a licensed therapist altogether. But thanks to the resourcefulness of hiring the most absolutely amazing criminal law attorney Salt Lake City claims as it’s own, Ted has a very productive and meaningful life!

Now after reading this story, do you still think Ted escaped justice and still needs to pay for what he did? Is the law merely a matter of black and white or is there gray matter in-between that must not be ignored any longer. It is my firm belief that without the balance of having legal defenders represent the mistake makers of America, we would be throwing away some incredible individuals that could be doing a lot of good in this world.

If you are looking for the absolute best criminal law defense attorneys then look no further! You have come to the right place for all of your criminal defense, legal aid, felony, education of criminal justice as well as the statutes behind various criminal law codes. Call Utah Law Aid and schedule a no obligation consultation with one of our courteous and professional paralegal team members. If you would rather talk to any one of our criminal defense lawyer experts, we would be happy to accommodate that as well.

We were recently voted by the Salt Lake Legal Defenders as one of the premier legal firms with one of the best defense attorney associations. It is our privilege to serve you and your personal needs in a timely, organized, professional and thorough manner. Our top ranked criminal attorney has won many prestigious awards over the past few years. He has done this through taking a different approach from most criminal law defense attorney counselors.

Our top Salt Lake City criminal attorney does not brag about being an aggressive or what other defense attorney constituents call being a “bulldog” in the court room. If you think about it, why would the judge as well as the plaintiff (criminal lawyer prosecution) enjoy as well as put up with any bullying theatrics? This does not go to say that we are giving permission to turn tail and run. Quite the contrary. Our amazing criminal lawyers prefers to let sound logic and evidence lead the way to victory. You ever heard the famous saying that you can attract more bees with honey than vinegar? Well this is the same for the courtroom.

You do not want the cheapest criminal attorney money can buy. Nor do you want the first criminal defense attorney that Salt Lake City has to offer that you come across. You want to make sure you get the most experienced, reasonably priced and court-room friendly criminal attorney that Utah has ever seen. After all, depending on your current charges that you are facing, you are going to need to make as many friends as possible instead of enemies (especially with the judge).

If you or a friend is in need of our criminal law defense expertise, we are only a phone call away. Do not delay getting that true peace of mind you have been searching for in having the right representation protect and fight for your cause until the judge or jury declares you are “NOT GUILTY”. Call Utah Law Aid today!

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