June 15, 2019

Divorce Lawyer In Utah

Divorce Lawyer In Utah

The Benefits of a Divorce Lawyer in Utah

Filing a divorce without an attorney is like being left in the dark. When you have legal questions, the court personnel will not be available to answer your queries. Worse is there is no one to help you with the paperwork, which is the most tedious process of a divorce. Anyone needs a lawyer especially in a state where divorce is not so common.

It is worth noting that Utah has the lowest divorce rate in the United States. Utah currently has a 15.97 percent divorce rate, twice lower than the national average. As the second happiest state in the country, it is pretty obvious why marriages are stronger and couples here are less likely to divorce.

Nonetheless, there are couples who end up needing an official separation. When you are searching for a divorce lawyer in Utah, our team of experienced attorneys here at Utah Law Aid can help. We will be here for you when you need help standing up for yourself.

A Utah Attorney Knows the State Law by Heart

The process of dissolution of marriage varies per state. As with the majority of states in the U.S., Utah has durational residency requirements. You have to be a resident of Utah for a minimum of three months before you can file a divorce. An attorney representing your case ensures you meet the residency requirements. You should also be living separately and apart for 36 months.

If the children are minors, the parents are required to take a parenting course. This way, the two involved parties will be able to discuss the means of providing the children’s needs throughout the process. The child support payments are calculated using the income share model. Your lawyer should be able to answer all the questions regarding Utah’s child support law.

Your Utah Law Aid Will Protect Your Rights

The accepted grounds for divorce include desertion, impotency, and cruelty. There are many possible reasons for divorce but not all of them are accepted legally. Adultery is one of the common reasons why a spouse files a divorce. In reality, it is very difficult to rebuild trust and repair the marriage after one of the spouses betrayed.

Another popular reason is drug and alcohol addiction, which is the root of many problems in a marriage. Aside from affecting a couple’s intimacy and finances, it is also difficult to trust a person with the addiction. It is usual for them to lie in order to cover their tracks. A divorce will be necessary if your spouse resists the efforts you make to help in the recovery.

Here at Utah Law Aid, we want to ensure that true justice is served. Going through a divorce is already emotionally exhausting. We are here to listen to your story and help you get the compensation you need. Your attorney has your best interests and will fight on your behalf. We have been serving Utah since 2005. If you need a divorce lawyer in Utah, give us a call for free consultation and to get to know how we can help handle your case.

Divorce Lawyer In Utah
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