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Have you ever asked yourself or just plain wondered, should I get a divorce attorney”? Believe it or not, there are actually plenty of reasons for divorce. If you are contemplating the idea of either separation, annulment, getting legal aid in filing divorce papers, or just want to talk to a Salt Lake City divorce lawyer to further discuss your legal separation options, you have come to the right place.

Some of the more popular reasons marriages fail and seek our legal aid is due to:


Domestic Violence

Substance Abuse

Financial Struggle

Death in the Immediate Family

Personal trauma with either the Emotional, Physical or Sexual Abuse 


Utah Law Aid Divorce Assistance

Sometimes marriages result in separation because of financial matters, or for whatever reason the couple falls out of love just as fast as they fell in love. If this is the case for you, we would highly recommend a divorce attorney that specializes in annulment as well as other legal separation matters as there is a limited window of opportunity to file an annulment and have the judge sign off on the official divorce papers once and for all.

If you are thinking to yourself, just how are you going to sift through all the different lawyers available for legal aid? Do not stress too much about it. After all, you have already endured a lifetime of pain in your intimate life and marriage or you would not be reading this page considering legal aid, or actively trying to find a divorce attorney.

If you know for sure that you need a good divorce attorney and you are not worried about the costs associated with hiring the best divorce attorney, then you are in the greatest position for being able to end things fast. Granted, this is the case so long as the divorce lawyers representing both sides are able to compromise and settle each parties differences in a mature manner. This is why more often than not the judge will court order the couple to go through mediation without the divorce lawyers present in the room.

Now this is not always the case as in some sensitive situations it is in the best interest of the client to have their divorce attorney escort them to ensure further safety due to prior bullying or manipulating or in other words the exact reasons the divorce is underway.

If you are one of the many individuals out there that deserves and even demands a divorce but you have no financial way of paying for it, then you are seeking after legal counsel on a pro bono basis. Pro bono in simplest terms means that a divorce attorney will gladly take on your case on a voluntary basis or at a drastically lowered rate as a general service to the public.

However, do not get too excited because all lawyers have to make a living and cannot feed their own families if they are constantly giving you the shirt off their back. The best way to find a Pro bono situation is to call and shop around. Here’s an informative online Pro bono directory to locate lawyers anywhere in the country. If you can not find anything in Salt Lake County, you might have to search close by for a Utah County attorney.

Regardless of where you live, it is always going to be in your best interest to secure an amazingly hardworking and dedicated divorce attorney if you want to separate your marriage and not end up destitute owing tons of money, and losing your home. If handled properly, a divorce does not have to be an evil and ugly thing. For whatever reasons individuals that fall out of love feel like they deserve something more in life for putting up with the trauma for so many years.

What needs to be taken in to account here is the children. If you are not in love with your spouse or partner and you do not have any children in common then it is an easy no-brainer. Why would you continue to punish yourself and live in misery? I have read somewhere before that pain is mandatory but misery is optional. The more I think about this, I understand just how true this statement really is is. Only we are the ones who decide how much pain and misery we must or want to endure in life!

Now considering a failed or broken marriage and children are involved; you must, and I repeat, you must be sensitive to what is in the best interest of your kids. No matter the age, this matter deserves some special time and attention.

If you make it only about dividing up the assets, how do you think the children will feel about being treated like an asset?

What is their future in life if they grow up depressed and feeling unloved or even worse if it they think the divorce is their fault? I recently was watching the neighbors two darling children from down the street. They are 5 years old as well as 4 years old, and long story short the parents are divorced and their father walked out of their life completely. So me being a curious individual by nature asked the children how often do they talk to their daddy?

The oldest boy said, “we don’t have a dad”!

The young girl said, “mommy is going to marry a new man and get us a new daddy again”.

I left the answers at that but felt sadness inside because, one, I could see the sorrow inside of their cute little faces, and two, that the father is erased from their memory banks forever. Who knows how long until their father is replaced and who knows how far the damage will go. At the same time, for all I know nothing bad will come out of this. The mother may marry again and life is lived happily ever after..or she could never address her initial marital discord and result in a lifetime of divorce or splitting up with multiple partners.

In summary, the solution to just get a divorce and move on without taking a good hard look at yourself is a dangerous slippery slope indeed. You might be missing some amazing pearls of wisdom which could help improve the overall quality of your life. Do not focus all of your time and attention on who did you wrong; but more on how you can make everything right for everyone involved. More often than not, this will require help and mediation in the beginning until you get the hang of things.

Do not be afraid to start over and re train yourself on new and healthier habits.

A good divorce lawyer can make all the difference in finally finding the freedom and peace of mind you have been wanting for months to even many years now. Most people have been completely unsatisfied in their marriage living in a prison cell they created by sticking with their abusive or neglectful partner for way too long. How many times have you asked yourself should I get a divorce, or came up with a hundred different reasons for divorce but never had to courage to walk away or do something about it?

Finding a good Utah County attorney that specializes as a divorce attorney is not that hard to do especially once you read this entire article. No matter your specific issues (separation, annulment, legal aid, divorce papers, etc.) there is hope and you no longer have to live in a castle as the prisoner. You might already have a lot of reasons for ending your marriage, but from past testimonials, let me tell you. It is not wise to up and leave with loose ends not tied up. Granted if you are in a domestic violence situation, then immediate separation is your primal concern. You can focus on hiring the best divorce attorney to handle your divorce papers and legal separation issues all in due time.

Once you are in a place to secure the perfect divorce attorney, you will want to consult with your legal aid to distinguish what the best options for you are. If your marriage is fairly new you might still qualify for an annulment depending on the judges final verdict. One thing is for sure, you do not have to live in misery or be treated unfairly if you do not want to. Safety is always the first priority, but returning back to abuse in all of it’s forms (sexual, emotional and physical) after the dust settles is not how to solve your marital problems. History repeats itself unless you do something different.

Sometimes getting the best divorce attorney is the only way to stand up against the bullies in your life. Even if that means your partner you have spent many years with. When you think of the recently famous coined term, “YOLO” (you only live once) you hopefully have a new inspiration to make the most out of the “one” life you have. Even if you don’t believe in life after death or even reincarnation, it does not matter as we all should be living our “current” life extremely happy, joyous and free!

Divorce lawyers are one of the surest ways to ensure your freedom from mental slavery. Legal separation can be an ugly process to undergo especially when you compare it to simply having legal aid file for an annulment for you. However, do not be so afraid! Utah Law Aid wants to remind you that there is always a calm after the storm. With nothing ventured there will always be nothing gained. Now is the time to be courageous and stand up for yourself by getting the best divorce attorney available.

How does one go about this task you ask? We believe you must talk to many distinguished lawyers as well as legal counsel with the focus of actually interviewing them all to get a good feel of what exact type of divorce attorney they are. Your marriage, or the lack thereof is unique and deserves special attention. There are literally hundreds of divorce lawyers available to help you, but there is only one divorce attorney in the end that knows how to validate your feelings and spend the necessary time to get to know your individual needs and concerns. This can only be accomplished through investing the time necessary to truly get to know who your Salt Lake legal representation is.

Once you have selected the right help for your cause, you can negotiate the financial terms and intensity of your case. Do not feel threatened or manipulated into asking the tough questions and getting the answers written on paper as far as agreed upon price for services and all of the different services that will be included. Freedom is knocking on your door! The question is…are you going to answer?

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