April 23, 2019

Dui Attorney Utah

Dui Attorney Utah

Utah has the strictest DUI laws in the nation. They changed their DUI
law on December 29, 2018. You can only have a blood alcohol level of
.05, which equals approximately 2 to 3 drinks for a good-sized man. 

If you’re a 100-pound woman, one drink can put you over the limit.  Utah is
hoping that this will make people think twice about getting behind the
wheel after having a couple of drinks.

Did you get pulled over and get a DUI? Get a good DUI attorney in Utah
and let us help minimize the damage a DUI arrest and conviction can
create.  We have experienced lawyers that can handle your case.

 Complications of a DUI

For your first offense in Utah you can look forward to the following:

·         Mandatory jail time of 48 hours

·         Fines of at least $1310

·         Your license suspended for 120 days

·         Ignition Interlock Device on your car for one year. This is
           mandatory with a blood alcohol of .16% or more. Judges can also order
           this for a lower blood alcohol.

A second offense looks like this:

·         Mandatory jail time of 10 days or 5 days with 30 days of
           electronic monitoring
·         Fines of at least $1560

·         Your license revoked for 2 years

·         Ignition Interlock Device on your car for two years with one
          or more convictions in 10 years.

A third conviction, of course, will substantially increase all penalties associated with fines and future driving privileges. 

 A DUI conviction comes with several other complications. Your car
insurance is going to skyrocket, if you aren’t dropped all together. A DUI shows up
in a background check. Potential employers may feel uncomfortable
hiring you. You might lose your present job. You could lose a
scholarship or get denied for one. Your co-workers may be
uncomfortable. These are just a small handful of problems that can

Best case scenarios

The best you can hope for is that the prosecutor dismisses the charges. This
is very unlikely to happen unless the court doesn’t allow certain evidence to
be presented or if the prosecutor fails to prove his or her case.

With the help of a good DUI attorney in Utah you could get an
“impaired driving” charge instead. Driving while impaired is an
alcohol related charge but it doesn’t come with mandatory jail time,
fines or license suspensions. There may also be technical issues with
your case. Chain of evidence, lab mistakes, unqualified people drawing
blood or several other things.  We’ll have your back with superior legal experience.

You need to think about where you want to be in 10 years. Did you know
that your DUI can follow you that long? Some aspects of your
conviction may follow you for far longer. We are here to help you. We
truly want you to get the best judgement possible.

Take a deep breath, act quickly and call us at Utah Legal Aid. We have
experienced, dedicated attorneys that want to work for you.

Dui Attorney Utah
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