April 23, 2019

Dui Lawyer Salt Lake City

Dui Lawyer Salt Lake City

If you have been arrested in Utah, particularly in the SLC area, you might be wondering what you need to do if it's your first DUI. Contact an experienced DUI lawyer in Salt Lake City at Utah Law Aid, and we'll help you find your way. If you are reading this, we assume you've been released from custody or have posted bond. Knowing your options and what's going to happen from here can give you peace of mind and help you as you prepare your defense.

A DUI is Serious, but it's Not the End of the World

Most of our first-time DUI clients are upstanding citizens who either made a bad choice or tested higher for BAC than they should have in their field sobriety test. If you've been arrested and have received your paperwork, Utah Law Aid invites you to call us and schedule a free consultation. We can familiarize you with the process of a DUI case and explain all of your options to you.
Unfortunately, the process can be a bit muddy. If this is a first-time DUI case for you, you can expect two things two happen:

1. You have a case in criminal court
2. You have a motor vehicle case

As you see, you have two different cases happening at once, and how you handle them is going to have serious consequences for you going forward, either good or bad.

Hopefully, you are reading this thread less than ten days after having been charged with a DUI in Salt Lake City because you have only ten days to file a driver's license hearing. It is important to file this hearing for at least three reasons:

1. If the arresting officer doesn't show up at this hearing, you will be able to keep your license until a conviction for DUI takes place.

2. You will be able to acquire evidence about the case that the state is making against you.

3. If you keep your license at this hearing, and we can reduce your charge to Impaired Driving, you will not lose your license at all!

If you do not file your driver's license hearing within ten days following an arrest for DUI, you will have a very difficult time filing it. In fact, after ten days, the only way to file a driver's license hearing is to show a likelihood that you will win your hearing.

There are different rules and different processes for your criminal and motor vehicle case. It's very important to understand this and not miss any deadlines. Salt Lake City judges are not known for being overly patient or understanding. You'll want to make sure you follow the court's rules during this period so you don't do anything wrong and you remain in compliance.

For most first-time DUI cases, Utah Law Aid is usually able to get any jail time suspended. If you are a second, third, or more-time DUI offender, you will not be eligible to receive a suspended sentence, and you will have mandatory jail time. The big loss for first-time offenders, assuming there aren't any aggravating circumstances in the case, is that they will have to pay hefty fines and deal with a license suspension. To learn more, contact a trusted DUI lawyer in Salt Lake City at Utah Law Aid.

Dui Lawyer Salt Lake City
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