April 23, 2019

Family Law Attorney Utah

Family Law Attorney Utah

Having a family law attorney in Utah who can stand up for your rights will make a world of difference in your family court case. Whether you are going to court for a divorce, child custody, child support, visitation rights, court order enforcement, paternity, or spousal support, having an experienced family law attorney from Utah Law Aid will give you so much more than just sound legal advice! You'll have peace of mind knowing that you're in the best hands in Utah. You'll be able to relax knowing that Utah Law Aid is on your side.

We will take care of everything from paperwork and subpoenas to investigations and collecting evidence. Our "leave no stone unturned" philosophy guarantees thorough legal services that can and will help you win your family court case. Give us a call today to schedule an appointment for a free consultation.

Don't Lose Your Case On a Technicality

With so much on the line, you can't afford to lose your case! You definitely can't afford to lose your case on a technicality or have your case thrown or dragged out for many months longer than what it should be. Something as trivial as not filing the proper documents or not filing them in a timely, correct, and comprehensive manner could result in such an outcome! Further, having your case lost or dismissed for not being in compliance with something you weren't even aware of will be extremely frustrating, to put it mildly!

When you partner with Utah Law Aid, you don't have to worry about any of the scenarios happening to you. Our Utah family law attorneys are competent and have a sound knowledge of family law and procedural processes. We can get to the bottom of your case and leverage the facts and circumstances on your behalf. We can usually avoid litigation altogether without acquiescing to the other party's demands, standing up for our clients and making sure they have a settlement they can live with.

We are Family Law Trial Attorneys

Not every family court case can be settled peacefully. Sometimes, one of the parties isn't willing to be reasonable with their demands. Either that, or there might be a real reason why one of the parties can't settle for terms that might be deemed reasonable in a comparable case. An example of a situation like this is when a party in a family court proceeding is the co-parent of a child and is doing something that's harmful to the child. This could be abuse, drugs, or any number of behaviors. In a case like these, a parent may rightly not be willing to settle for joint custody or another reasonable offer.

Don't Leave Anything to Fate in Family Court

Family court deals with family life. If a couple is going through a divorce or parents are battling for custody, child support, and visitation; it can get downright ugly! Having a family law expert in your corner can make a world of difference! Having a third-party perspective can often lead to mediation and bridge the gap where two people can't communicate respectfully.

Family Law Attorney Utah
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