April 23, 2019

Immigration Attorney Salt Lake City

Immigration Attorney Salt Lake City

At Utah Law Aid, we help immigrants achieve their immigration goals every day. In a time when the United States government has taken a hard stance against immigrants, Utah Law Aid is proud to stand up for and protect rights and best interests of immigrants in our community. Yes, you do have rights!

Over the years, we have seen immigrants treated unfairly and often with gross disregard. If you don't know your rights as an immigrant, and if you don't have a legal expert who can defend your rights, you might find yourself going back to wherever you came from quickly, especially nowadays!

Choose an Attorney with Experience in Immigration Law

When you hire an immigration attorney in Salt Lake City, the first thing you want to consider is the attorney's experience. Immigration laws and procedures are complex and ever-changing. Sure, you might save some money by hiring an attorney a few months out of law school, but do you really want to be his/her guinea pig? It's better to select an attorney who has a lot of experience in immigration law, such as the immigration attorneys with Utah Law Aid.

We Handle All Kinds of Immigration Cases

There are many avenues or niches of immigration, and the immigration lawyers at Utah Law Aid are experienced in all of them. Whether your immigration case deals with deportation, family immigration, or employment-based immigration law, Utah Law Aid knows how to handle it. Schedule a consultation on the phone and meet with one of our immigration attorneys ASAP. He or she will go over the details of your case, give your expert legal advice, and inform you of what your options are. As the law firm representing your immigration case, we'll make sure that you are not exploited.

We Make Ourselves Available to Our Clients as Much as They Need Us

During any kind of legal proceedings, it is important to have an attorney on your side who places an emphasis on communication. That's why Utah Law Aid attorneys have a high standard for fast response to questions, emails, and phone calls. When you hire us to handle your immigration case, we don't want you to feel like we're too busy to talk to you. You can trust that our lawyers go above and beyond to make themselves available to our clients.

When You Hire an Attorney at Utah Law Aid, You Get a Whole Team in Your Corner

Immigration is complex, and no one person can know it all! Each immigration attorney and paralegal within our law firm is an expert in a particular area of immigration law. For example, one might be an expert in PERM applications and another an expert litigator. You get a whole team of immigration experts when you hire an immigration attorney in Salt Lake City.

Don't make the same mistake that so many immigrants make! Often, immigrants select an attorney because they speak the same language as them or because they come from the same country as they do. This might work when choosing a spouse, but it often leads to disastrous results in immigration cases. At Utah Law Aid, we've taken over thousands of cases from these attorneys and have had to clean up the messes that they made.

Immigration Attorney Salt Lake City
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