April 23, 2019

Immigration Lawyer Salt Lake City

Immigration Lawyer Salt Lake City

Immigration Lawyer in Salt Lake City

Immigration is a touchy subject in the USA, and we all hope that the lawmakers from the legislative and executive branches of our government can resolve the issue in a fair and humane manner. Often ignored in this battle are the people who wait to get into the USA through legal means. The wait can be agonizing as the petitioner’s paperwork crawls through the process but the sheer joy of seeing a person stepping on US soil for the first time makes that wait worthwhile.

The immigration paperwork is a bit like the IRS tax forms with supporting documents, affidavits of support, proof of a sponsor’s income that all fit together to form the petition package that is reviewed by the USCIS. Just one minor error or missing form from that package will result in lengthy delays and this is one reason why Immigration Lawyers from Utah Law Aid are needed. They will make sure that all the paperwork is in order and will correct any mistakes made by people who have tried to petition on their own.

Utah Law Aid provides an immigration lawyer in Salt Lake City and many other cities and towns in the state of Utah. They began in 2005 focusing on Criminal justice and Injury law. Today they cover Family Law, DUI, Business Law and Immigration along with other legal areas like Bankruptcy and Medical Malpractice. Their aim is to make sure that the “little guy” is not intimidated and gets competent representation.

Six Ways to the USA

There are six ways to get into the USA legally and begin the process to get the coveted “green card”:

  • Asylum Seekers – People who can prove they face persecution in their home country can claim asylum in the USA. A number of criminal asylum seekers have abused the laws leading to some of the public uproars and this has created a further obstacle for honest hard-working people in those migrant caravans who simply want a better life.
  • Visa Lottery – 50,000 random visas are passed out each year to people in countries that have a low immigration rate to the US. This excludes people from Mexico, the Philippines and India and other countries that exceed 50,000 annual immigration.
  • Investors – If a person has $500,000 to invest and can create jobs in the US, they will be welcomed with open arms with an immigrant investor visa.
  • Student Visas – F visas are for students and M visas are for vocational and non-academic studies.
  • Work Visa’s – If you have a rare skill and an employer cannot find anyone in the US with that skill then an H1B visa is your ticket to the US. Think of engineers in Silicon Valley who have high-tech skills that are in demand.
  • Family-based – This is by far the largest group seeking entry into the US. Priority is given to direct relatives (spouses and children) while other relatives like siblings and parents will have to wait several years before being granted legal entry into the US.

Call Utah Law Aid

Finally, a person who is in the USA as an undocumented immigrant will need the help of a skilled immigration attorney to get through the complicated maze of paperwork and deal with any related issues. The first step for people in Utah is to call an immigration lawyer in Salt Lake City like Utah Law Aid. Our phone number is 385-217-6757 or send a message using the online form at utahlawaid.com.

Immigration Lawyer Salt Lake City
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