April 23, 2019

Personal Injury Attorney Utah

Personal Injury Attorney Utah

Being injured can alter your life forever, but being injured because of someone else's mistake can add insult to injury. If you've been injured because someone else was careless or negligent, you deserve to be compensated! Call Utah Law Aid and schedule a free consultation with an experienced personal injury attorney in Utah. Our pleasure is in getting accident victims the money they deserve and making the greedy insurance companies pay.

Don't Trust the Insurance Company

As an honest person with nothing to hide, you may want to be upfront and transparent with the insurance company when they call. In fact, on the surface, that way of thinking makes a lot of sense. Unfortunately, you don't think the way the insurance company thinks. You have to understand that the insurance company has already dealt with thousands of claims prior to yours, so they know just how to ease the information they want out of unsuspecting people like you. They have one interest and one interest only - protecting their bottom line!

While the insurance company representatives may be overly-accommodating and friendly on the phone, Utah Law Aid promises you that you will see a different side of them during settlement and litigation proceedings! We hate to say it so directly, but you need to know beyond a doubt that the friendliness of the insurance company is merely a facade! They're being friendly with you so that you feel comfortable with them and divulge details that can either rightly or wrongly be used to give you the least amount of payout as possible or no money at all! Among other steps you can take to protect your claim, not talking to the insurance company is probably the most important one.

Visit a Chiropractor if Your Doctor Can't Find Anything Wrong with You

Sometimes, the ER or your primary care physician may not be able to find anything medically wrong with you following a personal injury. Of course, the insurance company will use it against you if your doctor can't come up with a diagnosis. Many accident victims just accept when a doctor tells them there is nothing wrong with them. However, just because a doctor can't find a medical condition doesn't mean that you aren't suffering, missing work, or experiencing damages.

Going to a chiropractor should be the next step if your doctor can't find anything wrong with you. Visiting a chiropractor can make you feel better, help you heal faster, and possibly prevent any long-term injuries from occurring. A chiropractor can assign names to injuries and even serve as an expert witness should your personal injury claim go to trial.

Your Claim is a Race Against the Clock

Time is of the essence when it comes to personal injury cases. The sooner you see a doctor and a chiropractor, and the sooner you visit with one of our esteemed personal injury attorneys in Utah, the sooner you can begin to recover physically and financially.

Personal Injury Attorney Utah
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