April 23, 2019

Utah Family Law

Utah Family Law

Utah family law was designed to benefit every member of the family and to protect the weak and vulnerable. Utah family law was designed with protecting the best interests of children as its number one priority and helping families through tough times. However, like everything else in life, family law his its flaws. Truth doesn't always seem to matter, and justice doesn't always prevail! That's why it's so important to have quality, specialized legal representation when you go to family court! Having a family lawyer in your corner who can get you a great settlement, fight for you and win in trial, and file appeals if necessary, can make all the difference in the outcome of your family court proceedings.

Whether you're going through a divorce and or a child custody dispute, Utah Law Aid makes sure that all of our clients are well-represented. We've helped thousands of people in Salt Lake City get justice in family court, making a difference where it counts most!

Our Job is to Make Sure You Have a Favorable Settlement or Ruling

When parents can't come to an agreement, they need a mediator. More often than not, we are able to work with the other parent or with their legal counsel to cross the bridge between the two parties and talk some sense into them. Most people are reasonable deep down, but during family law proceedings, their feelings get in the way of rationality. Judges prefer that couples settle amicably in family court, and so do we. However, settling amicably does not mean acquiescing to the other party's every demand or agreeing to unreasonable terms.

Conduct Yourself as if You're Being Watched at All Times

In divorce and family law cases, parties often hire private detectives to investigate the behaviors of the other party. Nothing could be more damning for a person in family court than to have a videotape or audio recording of them doing something they shouldn't be doing. When you're going through a family law case, you want to be on your best behavior at all times, even when you think no one is looking.

This is especially true in cases where children are involved. Since custody, visitation, and child support are all in the table, the judges pay close attention to the character and integrity of each parent and how they interact with each other and their children during the proceedings. Just because your ex gets dirty and wants to go into the gutter doesn't mean you have sling mud too! Keep your hands clean and avoid doing anything that could be used against you at all costs!

Call for Your Free Consultation and Get the Legal Help You Need and Can Rely On

If you have a family law case, you have a lot hanging in the balance- there' a lot riding on the outcome! Having an experienced family court attorney who understands the ins and outs of Utah family law can help you from becoming overwhelmed. We can uphold your rights, present you to the court in the best possible light, and get you a better ruling or settlement than you could get on your own.

We can gather evidence, help you make your case, file motions, file affidavits, conduct investigations, and so much more! As your family court lawyer, your Utah Law Aid attorney will be a trusted partner with your best interests in mind.

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