March 22, 2018

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Need The Best Workmans Comp Lawyer Fighting For Your Case?

Will only the best workmans comp lawyers in Utah work for you? Do you need a slip and fall attorney with years of experience and a background of winning over 98% of their cases?

What about a catastrophic lawyer specializing in the convoluted process of discerning multiple liabilities? Don’t just hire any workmans comp lawyer! There are many Utah injury lawyers but only one Utah Law Aid!

A run of the mill workmans comp lawyer might be great for fender bender car accidents, dog bite cases, or even farm equipment mishaps. But, will they know about catastrophic accidents with many potential liability issues? Will they be able to sort out the percentages of liability for multiple Defendants?

​Here at Utah Law Aid we have handled numerous complicated cases requiring the use of multiple expert medical witnesses, as well as expert insurance investigators, not just insurance adjusters. We have access to mechanical engineers with years of expert testimony. Our experts are well trained not only in their field of expertise, but in court room decorum as well.

If you want to find the perfect fit, you must be willing to spend the time to sit down and interview all the different workmans comp lawyer attorneys at-law in Utah until you feel satisfied that they are the right lawyer for you.

Some questions to ask while searching for the perfect fit are:

• How much do you cost?

• Do you offer a sliding scale for fees?

• Do you do pro-bono work?

• How often do you win cases?

• How often do you lose cases?

• If you lose, what are my expenses?

• What makes your law firm better than the rest?

When our experts speak, juries listen! We have the resources to get you expert second opinions when it comes to your medical/personal injury issues. We have handled cases where a “slip and fall” case was offered an out of court settlement to pay all medical expenses and lost wages for a month of time.

When we asked for a second medical opinion, it turns out the Plaintiff in this case needed multiple surgeries and had sustained severe injuries that had been missed by their family practitioner. After sending them to our expert medical provider and having more detailed tests and procedures done, we were able to show a jury that this injury would be an on-going medical issue for possibly years to come.

This alone shows the importance of acquiring the best workmans comp lawyer to help fight for your cause as you may not ever be able to work/function the same ever again. To add insult to injury, sometimes the company who you invested years with might no longer support you and might "lawyer up" themselves in order to not have to pay your expensive and piling up bills which are in fact all work related!

In the end, not only did we obtain a better settlement for our client but we saved them years of pain and suffering as well as hundreds of thousands of dollars in medical expenses in the future.

This is just one of the cases we have won where the ability to reach out to and provide expert testimony and investigation has been crucial in determining fair and just settlement amounts for our workmans comp lawyer clients. Not every law firm can offer these kinds of services. Not every law firm is interested in going the extra mile for their clients when a few feet of effort will net them the fees.

That is not our philosophy. When we take on your case, we take it personally and we work as hard for you as we would our own family. We would challenge you to find another law firm that has our level of expertise mixed with our level of compassionate caring. At a Utah Law Aid your pain is our pain, and your needs come before our own!

If you have been injured in an accident whether it is an automobile accident, work related, a slip-and-fall or an animal attack or bite, you will need our expert workmans comp lawyer fighting for every dollar you deserve!. You will need someone who can pour over all the medical reports. Someone who, because this is their field of expertise, can understand not only medical jargon but can also pick up on nuances in the reports that another attorney might miss.

Nuances that could be the deciding factor with a jury or a Judge who is hearing your case. Nuances that could be the leverage so that your case does not ever have to reach Court. You can bet the opposing attorneys are looking for exactly those same nuances and how things are worded and hoping you or your attorney do not pick up on them.

If you are trying to do a workmans comp lawyer case by yourself, you will not win even if it is clearly the other person’s fault. Do you know the ins and outs of the Utah Civil Code that covers personal injury, the timelines and required medical proof? It is not enough to show up at Court with a doctor’s report saying how awful your injury is and how long it will take to heal, if it ever does. You desperately need an attorney, a Utah Law Aid attorney who knows that there are percentages of liability in any accident.

For instance: If you slipped and fell while at work because there was water or some slippery substance on the floor, did you know that you may have 1-10% of the liability, or legal responsibility? You will have to account for the fact that you slipped and fell! You will have to prove that there was no way a “reasonable person” could have, or would have seen the floor was slippery. You will have to show that you were in absolutely no way responsible for any of the accident at all.

Juries are instructed to decide not only whether the Defendant or Respondent was liable, but to what degree they were liable.  This is another reason you need the best workmans comp lawyer available. If you leave your case in the hands of a jury of your peers, you are risking a finding that you may have had a significant percentage of liability.

This would mean you might end up responsible for your own medical bills and any legal fees the Court imposes. At the Utah Law Aid we know how fickle a jury can be. We work hard to get you the fairest most equitable settlement without having to go to Court. We know how to read not only potential jurists, but opposing workmans comp lawyer defense teams as well. We know that “sweet-spot” where we have shown them what a foolproof case we have.

​We know they are worried about juries being fickle as well. We know the tipping point where we can push the opposing attorney so you don’t have to spend days on a witness stand being grilled by attorneys and even the Judge. ​

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